My Experience at “Imperial Garden Cup” 2016 Walking around Kunming Lake for International Friends

  • Published: 2016-10-27
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It was a great experience to be with international friends at the “Imperial Garden Cup” 2016 Walking around Kunming Lake for International Friends. I’m from India and this was the first time I have met people from different countries at one place. While walking, after collecting my first stamp, a group of foreigners were walking ahead of me and I crossed in front of them quickly. One of them, an old man, laughed at me and copied my style of walking, which made everyone happy. It was a joyful environment.
I was representing UCAS and I finished second overall for participants in this activity. I think this was a good idea to get to interact with foreigners in Beijing, especially in a place like Kunming Lake as it is a brilliant place for nature lovers like me. The organizers did an awesome job. Foreigners in Beijing are from different fields: some are students, whereas others are businessmen, and some do other work. So, these types of activities were perfect for bringing all of us together and allowing us to form a friendly impression of each other. The gift was also good. I encourage the organizers to arrange these types of activities in the future. I’ll definitely participate.

By Amit Pathak (INDIA)