• Nkoh Jackson Nkoh (International College - UCAS)
  • Published: 2017-01-05
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In the sorrows of life’s dilemma,

I longed for just one chance to try,

Trying not for excellence but to fulfill

The hunger of feeling scientific.

My cons and pros remained a thing of my hood,

But my vision became blurred.

I saw the world as being biased,

How else could I explain all the other rejections?

The fire kept burning dimly with the hope

That there's light at the end of the tunnel.


Even if I fail in my quest

To becoming the world's greatest,

I fail with no regrets.

I now know for sure

That in the midst of all the sickness in the world,

There are a few who can actually look beyond the ordinary.

I will recount my story to a million and one.

I will tell them,

I was treated… not like a king

But was made king in my own right.


This is my story.

It's no love tale but a feeling of satisfaction.

It's a tale that says the worst can be made the best.

It's a tale for the future and beyond.

I now stand on top of nothing but the great wall,

And my face the celestial can recognize,

I wish Armstrong was still here,

To take a photo of me from the moon,

When your eyes limit your vision,

Don’t give up because I believe in you

They believe…there’s something in you.

I am proud to be an ambassador, 

I feel alive, I feel scientific…because

The University of Chinese Academy of sciences (UCAS)

Made me The World Academic Scientist (TWAS)


Written byNkoh Jackson Nkoh (CAS-TWAS Student 2016)