The 37th Beijing Youth Science Creation Competition Successfully Held in UCAS

  • Sun Yiming
  • Published: 2017-04-06
  • 546

The 37th Beijing Youth Science Creation Competition was held from Mar 23 to Mar 26 at the UCAS Yanqihu campus. This is the second consecutive year that the competition has been held at UCAS.

This competition is based on “Discovery, Innovation and Responsibility”, aiming to lead the majority of young people, in the process of scientific inquiry, to experience the progress of science and technology for human beings, and, through the competition, to chase the dream of success and happiness.

A total of 221,500 young people in Beijing participated in the competition this year, accounting for about 17% of all primary and secondary school students. Together with 11 foreign delegations, students from Macau and Taiwan competed in a total of 33 events.

In response to the “Belt and Road” initiative, six national teams from countries along the line were invited to promote scientific and technological exchanges among teenagers.

One of the highlights of this competition included speeches given by Wang Yifang and Zhou Qi, who are members of the Chinese Academy of Sciences as well as professors of UCAS.

Capitalizing on its broad scientific research and practice platform in addition to its committed integration of science and education, UCAS has successfully held a number of nationally renowned or even world-class scientific events in the past, and this time was no different. Looking onward, a brighter future awaits before us.


Edited by: Raymond