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  • Published: 2017-05-18
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THEME: “Third Competition of Creative Campus Culture”

------For the whole school teachers and students in UCAS, we are collecting good ideas and designs about campus life to explore a new campus culture and enhance the image of our school.

CONTENT: Souvenir design; Cultural creativity; Campus cultural identity.

------Souvenir design: Including but not limited to
T-shirts, baseball caps, hand model, cups, bag, stationery, stamps, ring, badge, hand drawn map, postcards, building models.

------Cultural creativity: Including but not limited to:

1. Campus Activity Planning: to reflect the national science characteristics, to shape the campus spiritual atmosphere, to enhance the school culture and students' solidarity. For example, “the Graduation Grassland Music Festival”, “New Year's Eve” , “Academic Salon”, “Reading Union”, “Subject Specialist” (at least submit complete, detailed planning activity book)......
2. Digital media works of campus: We-Chat Subscriptions, H5 works, Campus APP, electronic map, virtual map and so on;
3. Video works: campus micro film, aerial video, time-lapse photography, creative photography......
4. Other works that express UCAS. Such as PPT template, creative poster design.

------Campus cultural identity:Including but not limited to:
1. Creative UCAS logo, such as the official UCAS We-Chat "GUOGUO", "KEKE" images...
2. Name of campus road, road signs, landmark building’s logo design.


------The form of work is not limited, such as design drawings, official documents , PPT, video and so on, but must be original


------Deadline: MAY 31,2017

------Contribution approach(address/e-mail): SDC office/





First prize

 6 in total, 2 for each category

1500RMB per person/group

Second prize

12 in total, 4 for each category

1000RMB per person/group

Third prize

24 in total, 8 for each category

500RMB per person/group

Memorial awards

A certain number

200RMB per person/group

Contact :陈俊佑(CHEN JUN YOU)