UCAS Undergraduate Students Succeed in MCM 2017

  • Written by Sun Yiming, Edited by Raymond
  • Published: 2017-05-25
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The results for Mathematical Contest In Modeling(MCM) (and ICM Interdisciplinary Contest In Modeling) 2017 have recently been made available for participants to view. Nineteen teams from UCAS stood out from 16,928 teams globally, and achieved excellent results. Four UCAS teams received Meritorious Winner (First Prize) and nine teams received Honorable Mention (Second Prize). This is the second time that UCAS participated in such a competition, and the results, compared with that of last year, have greatly improved.

MCM (and ICM) is a comprehensive test of a contestant’s ability. Contestants are required to have a wide range of knowledge, excellent algorithm design capabilities, honed programming skills, better-than-average command of English, and a strong ability to collect information. MCM tests not only the contestants’ skills and logic, but also their psychological stamina, practical ability, self-learning capacity and team spirit. It is not easy for undergraduates to achieve such great results, especially since they haven't been engaged in systematic training.

Many students said that it was their perseverance in the face of difficulties that brought them to where they stand right now, and hoped they could achieve even more next year.