Vice President of Guangdong Strength and Conditioning Association Lectures at UCAS

  • Written by Zhou Wenkai, Edited by Raymond
  • Published: 2017-05-25
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On the afternoon of May 5th, Doctor Abobakr Ravand, Vice President of the Guangdong Strength and Conditioning Association (GSCA) visited UCAS and gave a lecture on training and sports protection for running enthusiasts. Professor Wang Daming from the UCAS School of Humanities and many students were in attendance.

Doctor Ravand rolled out his lecture by focusing on five major issues:

1. Training Mistakes in Runners

2. Injury Prevention Strategies

3. The Mechanics of Running

4. Design Training

5. Preparations before Training

Several students were invited to participate on stage with Doctor Ravand, attempting a number of challenging movements and postures.

During the Q&A session, Dr. Ravand answered questions, including how we should avoid knee injury, whether sports beverages would affect weight loss, and what the causes are for feet blistering.

Dr. Abobakr Ravand is one of Iran’s national athletes. Hegraduated with a PhD in the Theory of Sports Pedagogy and Training at Peking University. His main research fields are theories of sports training, physical training, track and field teaching and training, sports training for mid-long-distance marathon projects. He can also be referred to as a talented polyglot for his mastery of four languages---Kurdish, Persian, English and Chinese.