Football Match Between UCAS & UCTB

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  • Published: 2017-12-18
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A friendly match between UCAS (University of Chinese Academy of Sciences) international football team and USTB (University of Science & Technology Beijing) international football team was held at the football field of West Campus, Yanqihu at 10:00 am on December 9th. UCAS international football team consists of students from international college and SDC (Sino-Danish college). There are three students from SDC, they are: Adam, Mads and Christopher.

USTB international football team is very strong and experienced, they have defended championship of school football match for many times. Although UCAS international football team has been established for just two months, all of the team members worked really hard with enthusiasm to overcome the difficulties of cooperation. Both of the teams played extremely hard during the match and presented an exciting picture to the audience, winning their applause and cheers! After the match, all of the players said that they were so dedicated into this match and really excited to meet with each other. They encouraged each other and both sides expected next match.

Thanks for the great support of UCAS Football Association and the hard work of all the teachers and volunteers.

After the match, the teachers and international students firstly visited the Museum of Two Bombs and A Satellite. The volunteer Ziming Chen, who is also a postgraduate student of UCAS, gave a brief introduction of the museum and detailed interpretation of relevant events.

The Museum of Two Bombs and a Satellite is transformed from a base which was built in 1958 to carry out the project related to rocket and mission. Now the museum is divided into three exhibitions housed in separate buildings which include the history of this marvelous project, the introduction of the meritorious scientists, and the early subject founder of the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

The second activity after the match is the visit to SDC Building. Xin Wang, one of the teachers form SDC, guided the teachers and international students and introduced the design concept, construction process and functional facilities of SDC Building in detail. All of the visitors were surprised by this modern and environment-friendly building and they all wanted to study and work in this beautiful building.