International Students of IUE, CAS Had Internship in China's Major State Run Company

  • Hu Dongxue
  • Published: 2018-04-16
  • 277

From Apr. 8 to 11, the international students of Institute of Urban Environment (IUE), CAS, had an internship in Hangzhou Water Holding Group Corporation, a major state run company in urban infrastructure section in Zhejiang province. These eight students are from seven countries along the route of Belt and Road. The delegation was led by Prof. Xin Yu, director of water safety and ecological health Joint R&D center by IUE and Hangzhou Water, and Tangrong Wang, director of the educational department, IUE. This internship was a part of work to follow the national strategy of Belt and Road initiative and strengthen the cooperation of industry-academy in the institute.

During this internship, the international students visited the operation control center, the source water intake pumping station and the water/wastewater treatment plants. In addition, active panel discussion was held between the students and the enterprise supervisors. The students was impressed by the two-way pumping station which can be used for both water supply and flood drainage, by the large-scale municipal wastewater treatment plant receiving the sewage from downtown of Hangzhou city, and by Qingtai water treatment plant using the largest ultra-membrane filtration process in Asia. All of the international students felt this internship was fruitful from the visiting and discussion.

The cooperation of industry-academy is an important training mode in IUE, CAS. Since most of the international students are from developing countries, this mode is more significant in the background of promoting Belt and Road initiative. The institute always encourage the international students not only learn the knowledge but also learn how to apply the knowledge. This internship will surely help the international students further understanding what they have learned and studied in the institute. "We will work harder on our research with the harvest from this internship, so that we can contribute more to environmental protection and preservation in our own countries in the future." The international students said when they came back to IUE.