Zhang Jie Meets with Delegation from Paris Sciences et Lettres Research University

  • Written by Li Wenxuan
  • Published: 2017-07-02
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A delegation from Paris Sciences et Lettres Research University (PSL), led by Prof.  Christopher Cripps, Dean of International Affairs, visited UCAS on the afternoon of June 22. Zhang Jie, Vice President of CAS (Chinese Academy of Sciences) and the Secretary of the Party Committee of UCAS, met with the delegation at the Yuquanlu campus.

Zhang welcomed the guests. He expressed his pleasure to meet with Prof.  Christopher Cripps and other old friends from PSL in Beijing, as he just visited PSL last November. He said that there were significant similarities between UCAS and PSL. Although the two universities are new, they are comprised of leading institutions or universities. Both sides share similar advantages and challenges. In view of this, he noted that the desire and resolve of the two universities to strengthen their cooperation had never been stronger. He briefly introduced the function and the history of education of CAS and its great contribution to national higher education, especially the vision and guidance CAS has provided for China’s development. He expressed his belief that cooperation between two universities will not only promote existing collaborations between the two institutions and their professors, but also accelerate their rise into the top universities of the world.

Christopher Cripps conveyed his thanks for the warm welcome. He said that he had visited China many times and has witnessed a large number of dramatic changes over the past twenty years. Although it is a young university, PLS ranks first among universities in both France and the EU. Cripps noted that this achievement was not only a success of PSL, but also a result of French higher education development and reform. He hoped that both UCAS and PSL would carry out innovative cooperation on existing bases.

 Three panel meetings followed. The topics included natural science, social science and strategic planning and overall coordination of bilateral cooperation. After warm and efficient discussions, the group leaders reported possible cooperative programs at the following plenary meeting.

Zhang Jie concluded that the first meeting between PSL and UCAS was exciting and fruitful. Both sides planned to carry out the “Creative Mobility” program, regarding the bilateral cooperation in governance, joint PhD programs, joint research laboratory construction, in addition to joint research and academic exchanges.


Prof. Su Gang, Vice President of UCAS, Prof. Xu Tao, Director of Institute of Biophysics (IBP), CAS and deputy director of College of Life Sciences of UCAS, and Dr. Xie Yong, Director of International Affairs Office, were present. Prof. Pierre Lemonde, Councillor of Science and Technology, French Embassy in Beijing, and Prof. Henri Berestycki, Dean of Research, PSL, also attended.

PSL Research University (L’université de recherche Paris Sciences et Lettres) is a collegiate university formed from 22 institutions of research and higher education in the Paris area, and three national research organizations. PSL's distinctive federal structure brings together 24 prestigious self-governing academic and research institutions, including the École Normale Supérieure, Paris-Dauphine University, the Collège de France, Mines ParisTech, and the Centre national de la recherche scientifique (CNRS), among others. There are 20,000 students, 4500 faculty and researchers as well as 181 research centers and over 80 libraries and museums in PSL.