“I’m so proud to study at UCAS” – Interviews with International Students

With the arrival of the school season, UCAS has ushered a number of new faces from different countries. As of September 8, there were 363 international students from 46 countries such as Denmark, Norway, the United Kingdom, Germany, Pakistan, Thailand, Myanmar, Sri Lanka and Kenya. Among them, there are 184 phd students, 131 master students, and 4 advanced students. The total number of international students in UCAS has reached 1,612, more than 1,600 for the first time, and the number of PhD students has reached 1007, exceeding a thousand for the first time. UCAS has become one of the universities with the most international students in China. Among these international students, five master students accepted our invitation of interview. Let’s hear what they say about UCAS and their new school life.


Artem: UCAS helps him know better about China’s technological innovation system

Artem, Chinese name Lu Jian, is a student of scientific and technological innovation management at School of Economics and Management. This Belarusian young man just graduated from Tsinghua University and has been living in China for eleven years. “Although UCAS is sitll very young, it will be the best university in China, and that’s why I choose it for my master degree.” He seemed quite enthusiastic,when asked about his future plan, which is to establish a national science and technology innovation promotion center of the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS). “And studying at UCAS”, he says, “will help me know better about China’s technological innovation system.”


Bagdat: Make Contributions to China-Kazakhstan technological communication

Bagdat, Chinese name Li Wenna, is a Kazakhstan girl starting her master of GIS Technology at UCAS. Asked about how she feels about studying here, she said she felt proud to study in UCAS, and before she came to Beijing, the school administration had already sent to her detailed curriculum schedule and school management system, which she thought is very thoughtful. She also felt happy that she could make friends with students from over 50 countries. After the regular studies at Yanqihu campus in the first year, she will do research at the Institute of Remote Sensing and Digital Earth. “I like the busy lifestyle here in Beijing, and hope I can make contributions to the technological communication between Kazakhstan and China in the future” she said.


Natasha: Explore China

Jon: I Like Both Sides of China

It is the first time that Natasha Christiansen has been to China. She is an outgoing girl majoring in neuro science from Copenhagen, Danmark. When asked about our school, Natasha said she was deeply in love with the natural and gorgeous scenery here where she thought is a perfect palce for hiking and other sports. What attracts Natasha most in China is the culture and history, and she wants to learn Chinse language despite its difficulty. UCAS offers Chinese language courses for all the international students, and we hope she will make a progress. Curious about everything and willing to explore the whole country, she is ready to take the first step--a trip to Inner Mongolia on National Holiday.

Jon is a Danish student of Nano science at Sino-Danish Center, before coming to UCAS, he studied physics at Peking University as an exchange student. In his eyes, life in the Yanqihu campus is very different from that in Beijing downtown, where a lot of English can be heard. “I like both sides of China and enjoy the small city life here.” he said.



Natasha’s classmate Adam is from Germany but with a Polish citizenship. In Adam’s opinion, UCAS is a university with advanced facilities and technology, which creates a favorable environment for learning and self-improvement. What attracts Natasha most in China is its culture and history, so she wants to learn Chinse language despite its difficulty.

Internationalization does not necessarily make a world’s top university, but a world’s top university must be international. UCAS welcomes these intelligent, eager and energetic students. Hope they will enjoy their study at UCAS and very best wishes for their future.


Written by Yin Shuhui, Wang Yinchun, Qiang Xiaojuan

Edited by Zhou Wenkai