The First SDC Graduation Ceremony Held

  • Published: 2014-07-18
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On July 5, SDC held the first Graduation Ceremony  on Zhongguancun campus. Representatives from the Danish side and the Chinese side were invited to the ceremony. From the Danish side, Mr. Lars Bo Larsen, Deputy Head of Mission of Danish Embassy in Beijing, Prof. Brian Bech Nielsen, Rector of Aarhus University, and Prof. Martin Bendsøe, Senior Vice President of Technical University of Denmark, participated in the ceremony. From the Chinese side, Prof. WU Yueliang, Vice President of UCAS, and Prof. WANG Yanfen, Vice President of UCAS, were present. The Graduation Ceremony  was hosted by Prof. ZHU Xiangbin, Chinese Directorof Sino-Danish Centre for Education and Research.
Prof. WU Yueliang, Prof. Brian Bech Nielsen, and Prof. Lauritz B. Holm-Nielsen respectively delivered speeches. They extended congratulations to the first SDC masters students, and expressed sincere hope for students in their future research and professional career.
Prof . WU Yueliang, in his welcome speech, looked back upon the SDC history, concluded the progress made during the past six years, and expressed his expectations for students, hoping that students would contribute to the society and help forge Sino-Danish friendship with knowledge and skills acquired from study experiences at SDC.
Prof. Brian Bech Nielsen, representing the SDC board from the Danish side, expressed that the study experiences for SDC students were invaluable and unique.  They had benefited from the integration of teaching traditions between China and Denmark and the cultural diversity. He believed that SDC students would be strongly competitive among their peers, and hoped that they learned to face challenges in their future career and played important roles in society.
Prof. Lauritz B. Holm-Nielsen, in his speech, mentioned that today was one of the most memorable days for SDC. It was also a meaningful day for SDC 2012 masters students. During the past six years, SDC had overcome a considerable number of difficulties and challenges from various aspects. SDC had truly made great achievements. Today all SDC people were proud to witness the day and celebrate it.
Representatives from both teaching faculty and four masters programs also gave speeches.
In the end, representatives from both sides awarded SDC graduation souvenirs to 2012 students and took group photos together.
In 2012, SDC enrolled the first 104 masters students, including 48 from the Danish side and 56 from the Chinese side. All courses in four master programs had been completed. Fulfilling thesis requirements for both sides, the Danish students would be awarded double degrees. As for the Chinese students, they would be conferred the Danish degree if they fulfilled the Danish requirements. With one more year preparation for UCAS thesis defense, they would be awarded UCAS degree if all requirements were met. 

Written by Yang Lingnan