Professor Zhou Qi, Vice-President of UCAS Cunji Medical College, Elected as a CAS Academician

  • Published: 2015-12-09
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The Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) announced that it elected 61 academicians on December 7 while the Chinese Academy of Engineering (CAE) released its 70 member list of academicians. Professor Zhou Qi, Vice-President of the UCAS Cunji Medical College, was elected as a CAS academician.

Prof. Zhou currently is Director of the State Key Laboratory of Reproductive Biology, and Deputy Director of the Institute of Zoology, CAS. In 1996
Prof. Zhou earned a doctorate in histology & embryology from Northeast Agricultural University, China. He is internationally recognized for his research on IPS cell pluripotency. His research focuses on the mechanisms of cell reprogramming and cell fate control, the obtaining and the maintenance of stem cells pluripotency. He is interested in utilizing stem cells in regenerative medicine. Prof. Zhou’s research group has investigated rat model development for many years. They generated the first cloned rat and established the first germline-competent rat embryonic stem cell line in China. He has received such honors as the 3rd GenOway Prize for Transgenic Technologies, International Society for Transgenic Technologies (ISTT) in 2004, the Prize for Scientific and Technological Progress of the Ho Leung Ho Lee Foundation in 2010, and the Award for Outstanding Youth in Basic Science of the Zhou Guangzhao Foundation in 2011.

Prof. Zhou serves as president of the International Stem Cell Forum, president of the Chinese Society for Stem Cell Research, CSCB, deputy-president of the Tissue Repairing and Regeneration Society of the Chinese Medical Association, and standing director of the Chinese Zoological Society, Editorial Board, Journal of Biological Chemistry.

By Zhang Min