The First Annual UCAS Media Meeting

  • Published: 2015-12-17
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“This meeting enabled me understand UCAS history more clearly. UCAS “integration of science and education” meets the needs of development of China’s economy and society, which is the direction of improvement for first-class Chinese universities,” said Mr. Zhang Kun, President and Editor-in-Chief of China Youth News after he finished listening to a brief introduction of UCAS.

The first annual UCAS media meeting had the theme of “Discussion of the Value of the UCAS Operation Mode of “Integration of Science and Education” during the 13th Five-Year Plan Period”.

Prof. Yang Guoqiang, UCAS Vice-President, said that “integration of science and education” is not only the UCAS instructional philosophy, but also was its management characteristic. 12 UCAS colleges have been established by 53 CAS institutes with 111 teaching offices and over 2400 prominent researchers from CAS institutes teaching at UCAS.

Prof. Xi Nanhua, UCAS Vice-President, said that the “Integration of Science and Education” provides the necessary conditions for the training of UCAS elite undergraduates. UCAS would like to turn the best research resources into the best education resources.

Representatives from more than 20 media outlets attended the first annual UCAS media meeting, including journalists from Xinhua News, China Radio International, People’s Daily, and China Youth News. They offered constructive suggestions for communicating the UCAS brand image.