2015 Winter School on Frontier and Interdisciplinary Sciences

  • Published: 2016-01-19
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On January 6th, 120 international students from 46 CAS institutes and 25 different countries participated in the 2015 Winter School on frontier and interdisciplinary Sciences. The Winter School was hosted by International College of UCAS (IC-UCAS), undertaken by South China Sea Institute of Oceanology, CASGuangzhou institute of biomedicine, CAS and health and South China Botanical GardenCAS, for oversea students in International College, UCAS.



To promote the integrity of scientific research and education and highlight the topic “Geoscience and Life Science”, this winter school has specially invited 11 famous experts in related fields from related CAS institutes, who introduced the cutting-edge research methodology and hot issues to the students. In addition, the students had the opportunity of joining in research experiments in the Guangzhou Institute of Biomedicine and Health and South China Botanical Garden.



The Winter School is a particular program initiated by UCAS to implement the integrity of scientific research and education, aiming to make the most advantages of educational and research resources of the institutes via the frontier and interdisciplinary science school, to promote cultivation of international students, improve the international competiveness of talented students for CAS institutes and colleges.