UCAS Holds the First Ecology Forum for Graduate Students in Beijing

  • Published: 2014-03-14
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The first Ecology Forum for Graduate Students in Beijing was held on Sept. 28 at UCAS Yuquanlu Campus.
The forum, sponsored by Ecological Society of Beijing and co-organized by the UCAS and Huairou Comprehensive Ecological Observation and Research Station of CAS, attracted over 100 participants from 24 universities and institutes.
At the forum, Guo Ke, Secretary-General of Ecological Society of Beijing, made an opening remark and UCAS Vice-President Prof. Wang Yanfen was invited to deliver a keynote speech, in which she encouraged students to devote themselves to ecological research.
After the opening ceremony, 13 graduate students gave reports on their respective fields of research, covering global change ecology, landscape ecology and eco-economy etc., and demonstrated various possibilities and the promising future of ecological research.
With graduate students playing the leading role, the forum provided a platform for students to introduce their research achievements and promoted exchanges and integration of different academic ideas.