Rwandans in 2018 International Cultural Festival

  • Vincent NZABARINDA
  • Published: 2018-10-29
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Rwandan Dancers

University of Chinese Academy of sciences (UCAS) celebrated its 40th anniversary. To celebrate this big event,  2018 International Cultural Festival was organized and held at Yanqihu Campus.

It is in this big event where foreign studentsfrom different countries, including Rwandans,showcased their respective countries and introduce their culture and historyto the visitors. The Rwandans performed a beautiful traditional dance “intore” which Rwandans consider as the strongest pillar of the Rwandan culture. This was composed by three songs combined in one and all these songs, performed by women with their arms showing the shape of  typically Rwandan cow's horns to illustrate the engine of Rwanda's traditional economy and the men wore and held materials showing the defense and protection of that economy.

In this festival students from 24 countries representing different continents showed their participation and performances. This festival helped people to share, enjoy different cultures, to know each other and enhanced friendly ties between them.

In addition to the traditional dance, Rwandans participated by showing different items pertaining to and inherent to the Rwandan culture, Rwandan tourism, National parks and animals such as mountain Gorillas which are the most famous animal species in Rwanda. Once threatened by extinction, Rwanda has beaten records in upholding and preserving these rare beings. All these presentations were focused on the economyas well as the culture of Rwanda.

Rwandans dancers “Ganyobwe” music

This Intore known as ‘elite, is a most famous traditional dance in Rwandan music and dance groups. It is done as a type of war dance which was traditionally practicedto encouragewarriors or hunters and was blessed by Umwami (King) Rwanda in Precolonial period.


Rwandan Dancer “None twaza” music

In Rwandan culture, intore dancers had headdressed with grass wigs, head and ankle-bands made of different beads, wear the skirts and hand painted shields and sticks. Female wear traditional Umushanana with sash in head. While performingin their movement emphasizing brilliance, chastity and gentleness, men’s presence is more dynamic and women are engaged in a soft and graceful way.

Rwanda's traditional music dominated by ikinimba, is always accompanied by instruments such as ingoma (drums), amakondera (a horn that plays a resonant and long sound).

Rwandan Dancer” Ibare” music



Written by Vincent NZABARINDA, Phd student in Cartography and GIS, Xinjiang institute of Ecology and Geography,UCAS

Photo by Mohammad Belal