UCAS celebrated its 40th anniversary

  • CHEN Yaling & WEI Wei
  • Published: 2018-10-17
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The 40th anniversary celebration of University of Chinese Academy of Sciences is hold on October 14, 2018.

Bai Chunli, President ofChinese Academy of Sciencesand honorary president ofUCAS, delivered the opening speech.

Li Shushen, member of Chinese Academy of Sciences, vice-president of CAS, president ofUCAS,  also reviewed the past 40 years of schooling. He pointed out that we are always trying to explore how to cultivate students and innovate school systems. At present, a complete system and training mode of integrated science and education has been formed, making important and unique contributions to the development of higher education in China.

Philip John Binning, chairman of the SDC and chief vice-chancellor of the Technical University of Denmark, spoke highly of the achievements of UCAS over the past 40 years.

"I am proud to work with such an international institution. I am also proud to be invited to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the UCAS."

To give thanks to the predecessors and inspire the successors, the UCAS established a special award this year, the Li Pei Award. Teachers who won the award were honored in the most solemn way.

The conference were pushed into a new climax when AcademicianBai Chunli issued the naming certificate of UCAS Star, a star named after the University of Chinese Academy and Sciences, and its track map to Academician Li Shushen.

The track map of UCAS star

Alumni representative Ma Zhongqi, graduate student of class 1978, reviewed the UCAS of 40 years ago. The learning condition was tough at that time, but the students were diligent. They gained honor, satisfaction and pride from the responsibility on their shoulder. Zhou Xiangyu, graduate student of class 1985, also encouraged students to be ambitious, tough and brave when doing scientific research.


A shot of alumni representative Ma Zhongqi

A shot of alumni representative Zhou Xiangyu

Sun Hao and Yao Yongfang,the representatives of undergraduates and graduate students of the UCAS respectively expressed their admiration to the progress achieved over the past 40 years .

We are deeply aware that the achievements today are the fruit of the old generations, therefore, we should also take our responsibility and contribute to our country.


By CHEN Yaling & WEI Wei