The Evolution of and Impact of AI on Innovation Ecosystems - John Chisholm Delivering a Speech in UCAS

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  • Published: 2019-04-29
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On the evening of April 21, Mr. John Chisholm, a trustee of MIT and Santa Fe Institute, gave a lecture titled "The Evolution of and Impact of AI on Innovation Ecosystems"at UCAS’ Zhongguancun Campus. This is the 24th lecture of “Siwei Lecture”, which is sponsored by School of Economics and Management of UCAS and undertaken by the College of Continuing Education (Training Center) of UCAS. Professor ZHAO Hong, dean of Sino-Danish College and a Professor of School of Economics and Management, presided over the lecture and extended warm welcome to Chisholm. SUN Yi, the associate dean of Continuing Education College of UCAS, and WANG Juan, deputy director of Training Center of UCAS attended this activity.

During the lecture

Chisholm is a well-known venture capitalist in Silicon Valley with experience of more than 30 years of being an entrepreneur, a CEO and an investor, investing in dozens of startups and providing guidance for hundreds of entrepreneurs on five continents in the world. He started with the question “What is an innovation ecosystem”, thus led to the concept that the innovation ecosystem is a complex adaptive system. He analyzed the mysteries of Silicon Valley's rapid growth of the innovation ecosystem based on 40-year observation of Silicon Valley and MIT, two leading innovation ecosystems in the United States, and combined with his experience in Silicon Valley entrepreneurship, investment and corporate operations. And he did a deep analysis of MIT's technological innovation and transformation based on the perspective of the complex adaptive system originating from the Santa Fe Institute. Chisholm also gave information about how AI affected the innovation ecosystem, and how countries and regions can make full use of the World Bank's business index to measure and promote the progress of entrepreneurship and innovation, etc..

Chisholm is giving the lecture

During Q&A session, Chisholm conducted more targeted communication with the audience on the issue and answered the questions patiently. After that, ZHAO  awarded Mr. John Chisholm the “Commemorative Certificate for the Speaker of Siwei Lecture” on behalf of the School of Economics and Management.

Q&A session

Awarding the commemorative certificate of the lecture




By LIU Min

Photo by WANG Haijuan

Edited by GAO Yuan