PhD students of the Institute of Applied Physics of RAS visited the Yantai Institute of Coastal Zone Research of CAS

  • 付玉芹
  • Published: 2019-10-21
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Dr. Maria Panfilova and Dr. Mariia Ryabkova from the Institute of Applied PhysicsRAS were invited by Prof. Guo Jie of Yantai Institute of Coastal Zones Research, CAS to participate in the academic exchange of China- Russia on major projects of CAS.

Dr. Maria Panfilova and Dr. Mariia Ryabkova are mainly engaged in oil spill, sea wave spectra, ice cover, precipitation, Doppler spectrum measurements by remote sensing data and model simulation; They presented two reports which entitled were “The spaceborne precipitation radar as an instrument for sea waves and sea ice monitoring”and“Experimental study of the Doppler spectra of the reflected signal at low incidence angles”. The reports introduced how to use the Ku-band precipitation radar to monitor oil spills and sea ice based on the sea surface scattering model, and the application of Doppler spectrum modeling to monitor the location of sea ice and inversion of sea ice thickness; Postgraduate students of the Center of Coastal information integration and Strategic planning Research hosted and participated in this meeting. They had active academic exchanges.

After the reports, postgraduate students also had friendly exchanges with the two doctoral students on the topics of research study and life in Russisa and China, such as length of schooling, graduation standards, holiday arrangements and other interesting topics. Everyone spoke freely and enhanced mutual understanding through this communication.