ICF 2019: An interview to international students

  • YAN Jin
  • Published: 2019-11-05
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  The Chinese Academy of Sciences has gone through 70 years, generations of young scientists come with their dreams and go to every corner of the world to make their dreams come true. Year after year, the number of teams that celebrates for the anniversary of the Chinese Academy of Sciences keeps growing. University of Chinese Academy of Sciences is also in the group that celebrates the birthday of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and together working for a better era.

  On the morning of November 2nd, 2019, the 2nd International Cultural Festival of the Chinese Academy of Sciences opened in front of the auditorium at the East Campus of the Yanqi Lake Campus. Along with the first sunshine, our international friends with different traditional costumes went to the venue. At the festival, more than 34 countries have set up their own booths, with scenery posters, food, unique souvenirs, and games. More than 20 cultural performances throughout the festival have made this day even more exciting.

  The word "culture", believes that everyone has introduced it to others for so many times, however, how would it like when hear about “culture” from someone from a different country? Follow these three questions, learn about “culture” from the perspective of international students:


Q1:This event is base on volunteering, what makes you participate so actively?

-Firmansyah Karim: At first my reason to participate is only that I have nothing to do that day, but maybe the festival is one of the best opportunities to introduce Indonesia. One thing that I love from my country is the people itself. There is an article that said Indonesian is the most relax society in the world hahaha.

  With no surprise, we hope to show our own country and let everyone know more about us, is the answer from most of them. We want to spread the scenery, food, and humanities that we love in our country. We want everyone to experience it.

  The pride of motherland is never concealed, and always want everyone to know about it, regardless of nationality.


Q2:Tell me one thing that you love the most about your country.

-Samuel Daniel: I really enjoyed the event, because it avails me the privilege to see various culture around the world. And I see that cultural activity bring unity among people.

-Andy (France) : It was a good occasion to have cultural exchanges with Chinese students.

  The answer to this question can be described as a variety, let me give you four top answers here.

  Delicious Food! Beautiful view! Warm and lovely people! Cultural diversity!

  The love for the motherland falls to every small foothold, regardless of nationality.


Q3:How you feel about the international cultural festival today?

-Almas Kamoka (Sri Lanka) : It was a such a fabulous event. UCAS organised its second cultural festival which was better than last one because I also attended last festival. I hope next year this festival will be more successful. At last as the leader of our country’s team I feel very happy that I made my country proud by winning the performance.

-Sawita Tanwinit: It's​ a​ wonderful​ festival. ​ We​ really​ enjoy​ this​ festival. ​ Every​ country​ represented​ there​ country​ so​ interesting​ and​ also​ have​ many​ kind​ of​ delicious​ foods.​ We​ are​ very​ happy​ and​ hope​ to​ see​ you​ all​ next​ year.​

  For this last question, the answer we got was again surprisingly consistent. Today’s event is inspiring and fun. I heard a lot about those countries I am not familiar with, like their unique festivals. I tried a lot of different foods. For those who had performances enjoyed the music and dance on the stage. For those who cheering experienced the collective interaction and games.

  Follow your heart to act, meaningful, and enjoyable, regardless of nationality.



Author: YAN Jin

Photo: DING Niannian, HU Meng, YANG Yihong

Editor: GAO Yuan