“Yanqi: The Window to Wondrous!”

  • Kshitiz Kandel
  • Published: 2019-11-14
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Have you ever had a bucket list of places that you’d love to explore with your loved ones? How does it feel like to tick off that list? It’s undoubtedly the best feeling ever, “Yes, I did!”

Of all the bucket list of places to visit in Beijing, Yanqi is a must-go place. Located at about 60 kilometers from the city center in Huairou district, northeast suburb of Beijing, it’s a wonderland. Be a kid, scholar, nature lover, or avid traveler; it has so many things to offer you. From renowned international college, UCAS, and its jaw-dropping scenic landscape to picturesque water mass and awe-inspiring atmosphere, Yanqi is a unique formula to help you dwell in the beauty of nature.

Explore the unexplored, see the unseen at Yanqi Campus. Founded in 1978, UCAS is not only ahead in terms of education, but also is quite an incredible place to visit around. Science, art, and nature interconnect in this outdoor spectacle. One can find a beautiful synchronization of the high tech era with the pristine environment here. This time around October-November is the mellow time at campus premises at UCAS. It makes you feel glad about living on a planet where there is autumn. Colorful autumn welcomes you here to define colors in your life; life is so beautiful! You can smell autumn dancing in the breeze. The sweet chill of pumpkin and crisp sunburnt leaves! That probably is the reason why Erickson said, “If a year was tucked inside of a clock, then autumn would be the magic hour.” 

Another reason to visit Yanqi is a delight in Yanqi Lake. Open to the public since 1987; this fantastic lake features beautiful natural waterscape and colorful aquatic amusements. Take a bicycle ride or a boat tour to enjoy the beautiful night view of lighted mountains. The serenity is so beautiful that it is barely matched with any lakes outside the world.

From a lengthy stroll in the chill quietude of the beautiful atmosphere to the pleasant scenery of the limpid and blue lake, Yanqi offers a world of happiness to rejuvenate your soul. In spring, dense vegetation turns this area into a paradise city while it turns into flaming red during autumn. Discover the perfect blend of colorful paradise and eco-environment here that were once your dream. Experiencing the vibrant eco-system or just wondering with waterscape, no matter how much time you spend in Yanqi, it does not suffice. Substantial blue water mass of lake with lush aquatic plants create a healthy eco-system here. It attracts flocks of birds like wild geese, swans, and crane, giving this lake a name, Yanqi (meaning the wild geese’ habitat). Green ripples, abundant flowers, and colorful atmosphere enthrall you to be a photographer, writer, or provide a pleasant place for sketching. Explore the unexplored part of it and see how time’s forever frozen still here.

Let the winding edges of Yanqi lead you to the mystic point. Wander around some of the area’s prettiest and serene destination; reach the hill station on a steep trail along the edge of the lake. You can enjoy the pristine panoramic view of the Yanqi Lake, as well as iconic Yanqi Lake complex (constructed for 2014 Asia-Pacific Economic Co-operation (APEC) Summit) from this point. The features of this complex are just remarkable. The most striking feature is the most exquisite architecture model of 97-meter high oval-shaped Kempinski Sunrise Hotel. Its compelling design is ideal for sustainable design in the entire region of Mutianyu Great Wall in northeastern Beijing, which is one of the municipality’s most environmentally friendly areas.

Moreover, it incorporates many characteristic features of Chinese culture. Like, front view of ‘Rising Sun’ represents the skyrocketing economy of China, the entrance of the hotel is shaped like the mouth of a fish, which represents prosperity and scallop-shaped from side-angle view symbolizes fortune. It is indeed a masterpiece of architect featuring an indoor air quality monitoring system, first-ever in China, to use a gas power generation system to reduce energy consumption.

Waking up to a view, in a place of the picturesque lake situated amidst the lush greenery and colorful autumn, is the first step to the break that you’ve been dreaming of. Play hide and seek with nature amidst hundreds of willows and poplar trees around lakeside. Appreciate the best of a stunning view of lake and islands set beneath the towering Yan Mountains. Enjoy the peace and quietness from Lakeview Pavilion as Sunsets or experience an adrenaline mountain sightseeing in the southwest of scenic waterfront spot. The choice is yours!




Author: Kshitiz Kandel

Photographer: Kshitiz Kandel              

Editor: GAO Yuan