• Ishioma Egun
  • Published: 2020-02-15
  • 1535

 China the hub of Science and Technology. 

A country everyone desires to see because of her unique features and the potentials she expresses in diverse forms.

A country that prides in her various level of City classification that can accommodate millions of people with each person affording the basic necessity needed for human existence.

But there came a torment and trial. It was CORONA VIRUS. This made her 2020 New year Celebration a shadow of the Chinese New year.

The beautiful decorations were just hanging in various locations without anyone to admire them because people had to avoid the parks,

the country was not agog as it was supposed to be.

Her love for her Citizens and foreigners made her shut down a major city just to ensure that people are safe. 

Not minding the economic implication. Life is more important than wealth.


But in her trial, history was made with the 1000 bed hospital built in less than 6 days in Wuhan. 

This will be a place of a memorial in her history and a model to other countries.

In this period, her drive and process for automated system were seeing both at malls and academic environment. 

As these were effort to reduce physical contact and and to ensure systems were not totally shut down but continued virtually.


When the Corona Episode is over, the beauty, the hustle,

and bustle of CHINA will come alive and she will beam her light to Nations.


Author:Ishioma Egun