UCAS held Traditional Chinese Costumes Festival

  • GAO Xinjie, PENG Zhongrui
  • Published: 2020-11-27
  • 964

Traditional Chinese Costumes Festival was held in the Sino-Danish Center (SDC) building at Yanqihu Campus of University of Chinese Academy (UCAS) on November 20. A professional traditional Chinese costumes restoration team (‘Team’ for short in this article) was invited to this activity, introducing traditional Chinese costume culture to the audience.

At the beginning, ten UCAS students and two kids stepped on the stage in traditional Chinese costumes of different dynasties and ages, which were restored by the Team in detail according to archaeological materials.

WEI Chuangchuang, wearing the costume of Song Dynasty, said, “This is my first time wearing Hanfu and I only know about it in the costume dramas before. I learn a lot about traditional Chinese costumes in this activity and the Team is very professional and our dressing is very exquisite.”

After the show, HU Xiao, the art group supervisor of the Team, brought a lecture on the evolution of the Chinese lady’s dress. He presented the characteristics of traditional Chinese lady’s dress after the Qin Dynasty. During the lecture, six audiences were invited to experience the makeup of different dynasties.

WAN Xin, who had tried the face makeup of the Song Dynasty, said, “The lecture is interesting and I’ve felt the charm of Hanfu. This novel experience leaves a great impression on me.”

At the end of the activity, several audiences got the opportunity to wear traditional costumes.

This activity aroused the interest of the Chinese culture of the audience. They were marveled by the beauty of traditional Chinese costumes.

“I feel very proud of our country to have such beautiful clothing. I think this activity is an embodiment of cultural confidence and I believe more and more people will get attracted by Chinese culture”, said XU Mengchen, a student of SDC, UCAS.

Rana Ramadan, who came to this activity with her classmates from International College of UCAS, was amazed by the show. She said, “I used to wear the traditional Chinese costumes in the course ‘China Panorama’ and I like them very much. They are gorgeous and help me to learn more about Chinese culture.”

Traditional Chinese costume is a quintessence of China. This activity is devoted to guiding youth students to fully understand the excellent Chinese traditional culture, enhancing their identity and confidence toward it, and it also contributed to inheriting Chinese etiquette and carrying forward Chinese culture.



Translation: GAO Xijie, PENG Zhongrui