2021 Teachers&Students Balloon Volleyball Competition of International College Held Successfully

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  • Published: 2021-06-22
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The TeachersStudents Balloon Volleyball Competition of International College was held in the gym on June 17. Six teams formed by teachers, international students, and the UCAS school volleyball team participated in this competition.

To get fully prepared, many students arrived early to warm up and practice. Evariste, one of the international students, said that they have never played this sport before and thanks to Ms. LI Shuangshuang's guidance, they have been more and more skilled and fallen in love with it. When asked about their expectations for this match, Bee Rain said, “We are very confident to win this competition!” The volunteers also offered help to those new players with the rules of balloon volleyball.

Before the match, CHEN Feng from the International College and XIE Yong from the International Cooperation Department introduced the characteristics of balloon volleyball, they wished every team a good luck and hoped everyone to enjoy it: “friendship the first, competition the second.” Then XIA Yun from the Labour Union announced the opening of this competition.

Although they were beginners of this sport, the international students always kept active and tried their best. The teachers’ team also achieved a good result with rich experience. Evariste said, “The teachers’ team is very very strong.” After ten rounds, Himalayan Tigers Team and the Teachers’ Team One won the championship, Tibet Plateau Tigers Team and Teachers’ Team Two won the second place and the third is Chemistry Tigers Team.

Speaking of the reasons for playing balloon volleyball, XIE Yong said, “Balloon volleyball offers a new method to work out in an exciting and relaxing way and it’s a simple game to play - that is fun for young and old. What’s more, it originated from China and this is a good opportunity for international students to know more about Chinese sports culture.”

In this competition, the Chinese and foreign teachers and students have shown their sportsmanship of unity and perseverance and promoted their mutual friendships.


△ Himalayan Tigers

Tibet Plateau Tigers

△ Chemistry Tigers

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Translator: GAO Xinjie

Editor: GAO Yuan