UCAS international students visit “Liangdanyixing” Memorial Museum and the Grand View Tower

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  • Published: 2021-10-19
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On October 15, 2021, UCAS international college students visited the “Liangdanyixing” Memorial Museum, Chinese Academy of Sciences, in order to deepen their understanding of UCAS. They learnt the spirit of "liangdanyixing", featuring patriotism, dedication, hard work and the courage to scale new heights in science and technology.

“Liangdanyixing” includes atomic bomb and hydrogen bomb, the guided missile, and the first artificial satellite in China called Dongfanghong One. These mark the great achievement that China has made in science and technology for developing its national defense. “Liangdanyixing” Memorial Museum, the museum of the stories and people behind these remarkable achievements, lies at the Yanqi Lake Campus of UCAS.

Under the guidance of volunteers, inernational students visited the exhibition hall which focuses on the history of this marvelous project and thus got a deeper understanding of the development of "liangdanyixing" and the main course of China's science and technology development. In the exhibition hall of people, the students listened to the stories of 17 great scientists who have made contribution to worked in the Chinese Academy of Sciences. As the winner of the "Two Bombs and One Star" Meritorious Medal, they have made outstanding contributions to the cause of the “two bombs and one satellite”. One of the international student Satti Zulqarnain said: “Well noted with kind regards and thanks our teachers we really enjoyed today, it was great honor for us to have your company. We got lot of information about the great scientists of China”.

After visiting “Liangdanyixing” Memorial Museum, students continued to visit the Grad View Tower of UCAS, enjoying the beauty of Yanqi Lake. The sun is just right, and the breeze is gentle. Students see the blue sky, the mountains in the distance, the Yanqi Lake in front of students, and the panoramic view of UCAS... all of the students appreciated the beautiful scenery and started taking pictures. This activity not only refreshed the students, but also enhanced the communication among them.



Author: YANG Jing, CHENG Zihan

Photo: HUANG Jian

Editor: GAO Yuan