IC-UCAS Students Enjoy Badminton Competition in UCAS

  • WANG Yijun
  • Published: 2022-10-04
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The 2022 Badminton Freshmen Competition, jointly organized by the UCAS Communist Youth League Committee of China and the UCAS International College (IC), kicked off on 24th and 25th September at the Gymnasium of Yanqi Lake East Campus.

△ the Gymnasium of Yanqi Lake East Campus

The men's singles was held on 24th September, while the women's singles and men's doubles took place on 25th September. Considering the large number of participants, the field was divided into four zones to carry out fierce competitions simultaneously. The competitions were first played on a 21-point system. When it comes to eighth-final, it turned to best two of three games until the champion and runner-up were decided. IC participants included seven male singles players, three female singles players and two pairs of male doubles players.

△ the men's singles

At eight o'clock in the morning, the players arrived early to warm up. After they got ready, the organizers announced the start of the event in five courts. At the end of the first round, Umair, Qazi and L-HABABI were still on the field. After rounds of competitions, students continued to exceed themselves and the battle became more intense. Finally, Umair, the seeded player from IC, fought for every ball and made it all the way to win in the eighth-final. During the quarter final, other students gathered together to cheer for him and enjoyed the game. Despite his finally being defeated, Umair was undoubtedly the ACE of the day.

On the second day of the competition, Anam, Misbah and Madeeha competed in the women's singles. Before the events, other players were keen to give advice and discuss tactics. Eventually, Madeeha advanced to the last 32.

△ the women's singles

The men's doubles pair of Qazi/Umair and Fawad/Narendra from IC attracted attention for their clear division of labor and perfect cooperation. They both progressed to the last 16. In the eighth final, with Chinese and international students gathered together to watch the wonderful match. There are cheers and "jiayou" from time to time, as well as impromptu ditties from international students.

Although the international students were not able to win the final match given the grueling games, their hard work on the field contributed to a spectacular performance and left us with memorable moments.

The referees patiently explained the rules and reached impartial verdicts, while the players exchanged experience and cheered for both sides. They all kept in mind "friendship first, competition second".

This activity is not only about running and leaping, but also handshakes and hugs. It is not about winning or losing, but friendship and benevolence, manifesting the spirit of sport.

Chinese and foreign students competed on the same court, showing their dynamic and feeling the joy of sports. The smiles on their faces demonstrated that they were really enjoying the game, which is the best proof of a successful badminton competition.


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Author: WANG Yijun

Editor: GAO Yuan