The Forbidden City Travel Diary

  • Published: 2024-03-02
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Asma Sabir visiting the Forbidden City

As a new student of UCAS visiting the Forbidden City in Beijing, China, was an experience of a lifetime. The majestic architecture, rich historical buildings and the mystery that shrouded its past was enough to ensure that my visit to this iconic cultural landmark would be etched in my memory forever.

Upon reaching the formidable walls of the Forbidden City, my senses were immediately captivated by the brilliant display of ancient Chinese architecture. Standing at the imposing Tiananmen Gate, I paused myself and started capturing videos of every moment to make my visit memorable.

Passing through the gate and stepping into the vast expanse of the Forbidden City felt like crossing into an era which symbolizing balance and harmony. Strolling through courtyards and crossing expansive squares, I admired the unique blend of traditional Chinese architecture, with its elaborate roofs and mythical animal statues, balanced by peaceful gardens and beautiful pavilions.

Guided by our respected Professor Cao Zhihong who is well known as Jitta Laoshi , I was mesmerized by the stories behind the Hall of Supreme Harmony, where emperors were once coronated and held important ceremonies. She told us the detailed history regarding emperors that how they used to live in that era. I myself really enjoyed the way she taught us.

As I concluded my visit, I appreciate how the Forbidden City had been transformed into a vibrant cultural destination. Wrapped in a blanket of historical preservation, it now welcomes thousands of visitors year-round, making the once "forbidden" accessible to all who seek to understand China's fascinating past.




Editor: GAO Yuan