The Forbidden City Travel Diary

  • Published: 2024-03-02
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Artem Iliasov visiting the Forbidden City

The scale of the palace is, of course, impressive!  We walked for several hours and didn’t have time to see everything.  There were a lot of people, despite it being a weekday and sub-zero temperatures.  Several times people came up to us to ask what country we were from, and upon hearing: “Elos” (Éluósī, 俄罗斯), they answered: “Russia is our friend” and “Putin is very good.”

Yes, Moscow and Beijing are similar.  Only in Moscow it is colder.  And in Beijing, the roads form squares around the city center, and in Moscow they form circles.  These are both very green cities, lots of trees and flowers.  In the center of Moscow there is Red Square and the ancient Kremlin.  The Kremlin was the residence of the Russian tsars.  The Kremlin in its modern form was built in the 15th century.  In Beijing, the Forbidden City is also next to Tiananmen Square.  In Moscow, military parades are also held on Red Square.  The walls of the Moscow Kremlin and the Forbidden City are both red.  In both cases, a river flows next to these structures.




Editor: GAO Yuan