"Denmark's Carbon-Free Energy System" the 6th Lecture of International Year of Chemistry 2011

  • Published: 2012-04-24
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On 5 July, 2011, Professor Kim Dam Johansen from the Department of Chemical and Biochemical Engineering of the Technical University of Denmark, gave a lecture titled "Denmark's Carbon-Free Energy System" at GUCAS. It was the 6th lecture of the International Year of Chemistry 2011. Before delivering the lecture, the Einstein Professorship Lecture Certificate was presented to him by Academician Li Jinghai, Vice President of CAS.
Prof. Johansen started his lecture by briefly reviewing the history of energy in Denmark, and then introduced Denmark's efforts to enhance energy efficiency, reducing emissions and seeking new fuel sources in response to the global energy situation. He systematically illustrated the current research process of Denmark's Carbon-Free Energy System from four perspectives, i.e., wind-fired, combined heat and power, co-firing and combustion and harmful emission control.
After the lecture Prof. Johansen shared his understanding of the issues put forward by students and professors at the lecture.