International Conferences & Workshops

  • Published: 2012-04-25
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International Workshop on Modern Computatioanl Geodynamics Frontier
July 1st-3rd, 2011

Beijing, China
Chairmen:Prof. Yaolin Shi
Organizer:Laboratory of Computational Geodynamics, Chinese Academy of Sciences
Contact Details:Prof. Huai Zhang
Phone: 88256486
Fax: 88256012
Registration fee: free

Topics or Themes:
Conference themes:
1.Recent progress of computer technology, computatioanl mathematics their application prospects in geodynamics, edge-cutting computational geodynamics modeling.
2.Physical and geodynamic processes of the Earth - the geodynamo, mantle convection, continental dynamics, and mountain building.
3.Crust-mantle coupling model of new emerging issues: plate deformation, seismic hazard assessment, seismic wave propagation..Data mining, geological observations of real-time transmission and automatic processing.
5.Earthquake dynamics, and the Ordos, North China craton’s seismicity.

The 1st International Conference on Cloud Computing
August 25 -28, 2011, Beijing
Chairmen:Tiejian Luo
Organizer:University of Chinese Academy of Sciences.
19# Yuquanlu, Shijingshan District, Beijing 10049
Contact Details:Jungang Xu
Phone: 13910929321
Fax: 010-82649882
http:// (still not available)
Registration fee: RMB¥2600 for each national representative; US$400 for each foreign representative

Topics or Themes:
1.Virtualization theory, products and technologies.
2.IaaS products and technologies.
3.PaaS products and technologies.
4.SaaS products and technologies.
5.Hadoop application construction and usage.
6.Cloud Computing technologies in search enginge.
7.Cloud Computing technologies in the Internet of Things.
8.Cloud security technologies.
2011 Workshop on Engineering and Sociology(WES-2011)
October 13-16, 2011, Beijing

Chairmen:Li Bocong
Organizer:College of Humanities and Social Sciences,
19A Yuquanlu, Beijing, 100049
Contact Details:Wang Nan
Phone: 13488752131
Fax: 010-88256360
Registration fee: 0

Topics or Themes:
1. Engineering and Society.
2. Engineering and Sociology.
3. Sociology of Science, Sociology of Technology, and Sociology of Engineering.
The Second International Symposium on Dataology & Data Science
July 23-24, 2011, Beijing

Chairmen:Shi Yong
Organizer:Research Center On Fictitious Economy And Data Science, CAS
Room 203 , Buliding 6, Zhongguancun Esat road 80, Haidian, Beijing, China, 100190
Contact Details:Xinyamg Zhang
Phone: 82680697
Fax: 82680698
Registration fee: No

Topics or Themes:
1. what is data science.
2. what the relationship between the data science and other science.
3. Discussion on the data explosion and data nature.
4. Discussion on the dataology in Cyber Space.
5. Discussion on the Human Behavior in data sciance.
6. Discussion for the future planning.