Tulane EMBA Students Attended Training Courses at School of Management, UCAS

  • Published: 2013-07-02
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A group of EMBA students from Tulane University attended their week-long international EMBA training courses in School of Management from June 17 to June 21. The training session this week was conducted by both the U.S. and Chinese sides. This is also a part of the long-term cooperation between Tulane University and School of Management, UCAS.


Professor Hong Zhao, the deputy dean of School of Management, officially welcomed the Tulane delegation on June 19. She invited Dr. Daying Lee, the general manager of Beijing Rural Commercial Bank, to give a lecture entitled “China’s Banking Industry — the Most Valuable Investment”.



EMBA Students from Tulane University


Dr. LI’s lecture was divided into four parts. Firstly, he introduced the vital role of the banking system in China’s developments. Secondly, he focused on the development process of China’s banking industry and the regulatory system. He noted that China’s baking industry had experienced rapid development during the last decades both in the quality and in the speed. Besides, Dr. Lee analyzed the challenges and opportunities of China’s banking industry in the future and he noted that the future development should focus on innovation and globalization. Finally, he introduced several valuation models and pointed out China’s banking industry has a good prospects.


During the lecture, Tulane University students had a deep discussion with Dr. Lee on the development of China’s banking industry. The lecture lasted two and a half hours and achieved great success.


After the lecture, the students paid a visit to the Aisino Corporation. As business partner of School of Management, the representatives from Aisino gave a thorough introduction about history, production, sales, and market about the company. After the visit, the EMBA group also had a discussion about the international business of Aisino.



Visited Aisino