Prof. Deng Yong Meets with a Senior Mongolian Delegation

  • Published: 2013-07-03
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A senior delegation from Mongolia visited UCAS on 24 June, 2013. Prof. Deng Yong, the Vice Secretary-General of CAS and the Chairman of the University Council of UCAS as well as its Executive Vice President, met with the delegation at the Yuquanlu campus. Prof. Hu Zhongbo, Executive Dean of the College of Materials Science and Opto-Electronic Technology, also attended the meeting.

Prof. Deng delivered a welcome speech and introduced the status quo of education and research at UCAS. He also explained the unique structure connecting the various CAS institutes and UCAS. He encouraged more CAS-TWAS President’s Fellowship applications from Mongolian graduate students in order to increase bilateral collaboration regarding scientific research and education.

Prof. Batbold Enkhtuvshin, President of the Mongolian Academy of Sciences, expressed his wish for a close dialogue with CAS and UCAS. The trip facilitated the exchange of experiences in school reform and coordination between education and research. A report about the educational system, management mode and employment status of students at UCAS was given by Prof. Hu. Based on the report, Prof. Enkhtuvshin said that he hoped that interaction and communication continue to develop in order to establish a solid foundation for Mongolian graduate education.

The other members of the delegation were Dr. Tudev Gan-Erdene, Secretary-General of the Mongolian National Science and Technology Committee, Mr. Erdenebaatar Dulguun, Officer of the Mongolian Prime Minister' Office, and Prof. Nasanbat Tumur, researcher in the Institute of International Studies, the Mongolian Academy of Sciences.


(Written by YANG Lingnan)