40th Anniversary of UCAS – 2018 Spring School on Frontier and Interdisciplinary Sciences for the Oversea Students in IC-UCAS held successfully in Wuhan from May 13th to 19th

  • 谭昱东
  • Published: 2018-05-21
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To celebrate the 40th Anniversary of UCAS, 2018 Spring School on Frontier and Inter disciplinary Sciences for the Oversea Students in IC-UCAS held in Wuhan from May 13th to 19th. The Spring School was hosted by UCAS, organized by Wuhan Education center of CAS. 68 international students from 31 institutes, 21 countries were selected to Wuhan education center to discuss the development of frontier science, fell the strong research capabilities and atmosphere of CAS institutes in Wuhan.

On the morning of May 14th, the ceremony of Spring School was held, Secretary of Party Committee and Vice President of Wuhan branch of CAS Li Haibo addressed on the ceremony. Director of international affairs office of UCAS Xie Yong briefly introduced the cultivation of international students in UCAS. The opening ceremony was hosted by Chen Feng, director of general affair office of IC-UCAS.

After the brief ceremony, the academic feast was started by a speech about biosafety made by President of Wuhan branch of CAS Prof. Yuan Zhiming.

Prof. Yuan Zhiming making speech for international students 

The Spring School invited top professors in Wuhan to instruct frontier spotlight and research methods in related filed. Synthetic biology, brain imaging, metabolomics, water conservation, African plant research, international students were intrigued by those research prospect. After the lectures, international students proposed questions and discussed with professors. 

International students discussing in groups in virus specimen museum

International students visited China Virus Specimen Museum, aquatic organisms Museum, Wuhan Botanical Garden and Wuhan CAS Kaiwu limited company of technology, experienced the scientific research, popularization of science and industrialization achievements made by CAS institutes in Wuhan.


International students visited Wuhan Botanical Garden

Wuhan Education Center of CAS highly effectively organized the Spring School with a great scientific atmosphere surrounded, official medias such as <Hubei Daily> and <Changjiang Daliy> in Hubei province reported the Spring School, aroused wide social repercussions. The Spring School was one of the scientific-education integration measures made by UCAS, and also an important exploration for the Wuhan Education Center to advance the international cultivations.

group photo