International College welcomes 2018 new student

  • TAN Yudong
  • Published: 2018-08-31
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On the early morning of August 29th, sunshades were set up and volunteers were getting ready to welcome 2018 new students of International College of UCAS.

This year 409 new students of IC-UCAS are form 51 countries, with very different nationalities: some of them are from Russia, Canada while some of them are from Madagascar. Some of them are from countries who ties Chinese friendship for long time-Pakistan, some of their counties are just established diplomatic relations with China - Burkina Faso.


A humanized reception procedure

Volunteers guide and help new student from their landing in Beijing to they get into their dormitory. In order to reduce students’ waiting time during the procedure, International College designed a procedure chart to guild students to every next step, make sure the whole process smooth and fast. After the procedure students can get back to their dormitory, they will be able to use their student card to take shower and eat in the canteen. Considering the language barrier, the college will bring students to the bank to activate their bank account. The orientation meeting will be on September 7th.


A reception caters to 40th anniversary of UCAS

Which is different from previous year, this years’ student Polo shirt has a logo of 40th anniversary of UCAS, for new international students this year means a new start of their life, for UCAS, the accumulated precipitation tells its history. Students from all around the world will enhance the diversity of UCAS, inspiration sparks will burst after communications between different cultures.


A strong logistic team behind

Because the international student’s registration date is one day earlier than Chinese students, management office of Yanqihu campus was still working on university level preparations, they work overtime to make sure logistic supports for international students are ready. Not as big as how to build up the sunshades but also as small as how the plug board and network cable place. Staffs from student card center are also worked overtime to help students to charge.


An enthusiasm and professional volunteer team

Senior international students and Chinese students worked together to help new students during the procedure, they are enthusiasm and professional.


Passport, Visa type and valid date check; Original diploma and notarized copy check…during the waiting time of registration, international students start chatting to make friends. different country and culture, international students exchanged their feelings of coming to China. Senior students and volunteers are offering consulting and help to new students.

After registration, new students walk to canteen, cafeteria and like all the Chinese new students, they are getting adapted to the life on campus.