International students of UCAS visited theme exhibition: "China Africa New Impression"

  • Published: 2018-09-19
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On the morning of September 9, 2018, the International College of UCAS organized 66 interested new students to visit the exhibition of "China-Africa new impression" held jointly by Sino-Africa Joint Research Center of CAS and Zhongguancun the Belt and Road Industrial Promotion Association. The exhibition was located in Haidian Science and Technology Building in Zhongguancun, Beijing. International College of UCAS communicated with Zhongguancun the Belt and Road Industrial Promotion Association, with a view to promoting more extensive exchanges in the future to promote international talents in China and Sino African Cooperation in entrepreneurship and production research corporations.

The exhibition, with the theme of "innovation, cooperation and humanities", is divided into three parts: first, the achievements of scientific and technological innovation in China in the past five years; second, the achievements of Sino-African cooperation in joint research and technological demonstration, scientific research platform, personnel exchange and training, scientific and technological and cultural exchanges and visits achievements; third, the impression of African countries. Through the exhibition of pictures and physical objects, the new mode and new path of Sino African Cooperation in innovation and win-win development are presented.

The exhibition highlights the important achievements of Sino-Africa Joint Research Center of CAS in the cooperation of science and education in Africa. In addition, the content of "China South Africa Science and Technology Achievements Exhibition" on July 24, supported by the Ministry of Science and Technology, the “Sino-South Africa technology achievements exhibition” ,which President Xi Jinping and South African president visited in Pretoria, was first presented in China. Here we can better understand the practical cooperation between China and Africa in modern agriculture, scientific and technological innovation and cultural exchanges in recent years. In the active and effective interaction between China and Africa, many technologies have been widely used, bringing benefits to the general public, playing a leading role in the demonstration of Sino-African cooperation, and injecting new vitality into South-South cooperation.

The sponsors have arranged African volunteers to serve as the main force of the exhibition's introduction, to prove the profound friendship between China and Africa and the achievements of cooperation achieved in recent years with a true face, it demonstrated the sincerity of sponsors and shows they were attached importance to the exhibition. Most of these African volunteers are participants and beneficiaries of the "Vine Program", a brand name project promoted by Zhongguancun the Belt and Road Industrial Promotion Association.

International students of the UCAS are amazed by the work sponsors have done and the tremendous achievements made in Sino-African cooperation. They wish to join the Sino-African cooperation family in the future. Africa is a natural and historical extension of “The Belt and Road". Africa is an important partner of China. In the future, China and Africa will jointly promote the destiny of mankind and the construction of “The Belt and Road". Talents will be a crucial link. With the concept of "internationalization, openness, comprehensiveness and forward-looking", the International College of UCAS is striving to be one of the most distinctive, integrated and internationally renowned colleges in the world. The education and training of international talents will be further improved in the future in UCAS so as to make greater contributions to win-win cooperation between China and Africa.

 By CHEN Feng