Russian Dr. Yury Kozhedub Visited Institute of Modern Physics of CAS for the Practice of "Chinese Academy of Sciences International Talent Program (PIFI)-International Visiting Scholar" Project

  • BAO Wanqian
  • Published: 2018-10-30
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October 23, Russian Dr. Yury Kozhedub lectured an academic report named “Relativistic coupled-channel calculations of quantum dynamics of electrons in low-energy heavy ion-atom collisions” for researchers and graduate students of Institute of Modern Physics (IMP), CAS, and made extensive discussion together with the audience. This short-term work of Kozhedub in IMP is mainly about carrying on the theoretical calculation to the 52–197mev/u XE54+-KR collision system.

Ma Xinwen, a researcher of IMP, who was commissioned by the director, awarded Kozhedub the certificate of CAS President's International Fellowship Initiative (PIFI) for Visiting Scientists, and warmly welcomed Kozhedub to work in Lanzhou and also sincerely thanked him for the research work of his academic support. Kozhedub expressed his sincere gratitude to Institute and CAS for the certificate.

Kozhedub received his doctoral degree from St. Petersburg State University in Russia in 2010 and now he is a senior researcher at St. Petersburg State University in Russia. He is mainly engaged in theoretical research, especially he developed the theory of relativistic coupling based on the Dirac-fock-sturm orbit, which can calculate the multi-electron transfer process of the inner shell layer in the process of relativistic heavy ion collision.


By BAO Wanqian