Belt and Road: increasing opportunities for prosperous Nepal

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  • Published: 2019-04-30
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The opportunities for international in China bridge and establish the concrete friendly affection between the international and Chinese community. Such bonding and interaction assist the international society to understand China and also a virtuous pathway for Chinese people to learn by mutual sharing. In today’s context, peace and development are the fundamental concerns in the world. Being the largest developing country in the global scenario, China has been playing a tremendous role in international level especially, promoting the global and regional economy, establishing peace and development through various projects, for instance, Belt and Road Initiative in current circumstances. It has the potential to accelerate economic progress throughout the Asia Pacific, Central, and Eastern Europe. It is established based on the conjoint understanding that contributes to mutual benefit in education, infrastructure, and economy for developing and underdeveloped countries.

Moreover, it will generate massive job opportunities, strengthen economic ties and reinforce security cooperation across the belt and road region. Its implementation in some countries might be a quite tough task due to political instability and security threat. Such obstacles can be resolved by retaining regional equilibrium via practical and resilient diplomacy as its fair long-term vision, norms and spirit have been widely recognized in a short period of time. This will built up the economic corridor and promote peace, harmony with collaboration rather than competition in global perspectives with a group effort in a win-win position. Not only this but also, it will support to upgrade and expand the countries manufacturing capabilities.

The purpose of ANSO, 2018 organized by Chinese Academy of Sciences was to ascertain and address collective issues in the Belt and Road Region through mutual capability in science and technology, innovation and integrated multi-cultural insights concentrating on foremost scientific challenges. Such program enthusiastically succors the implementation and globalization of Belt and Road project through academic outlooks which can benefit the large number of countries including Nepal in terms of science and technology. The broad concept of TPE and PAN-TPE program generated by ITPCAS cope with the challenges by integrating basic science and applied science with technology innovation and policy making. Nepal can make the strategy to protect environmental resilience and to use water resources from the Asian Water tower more efficiently, and financially to explore a pathway for sustainable development along the silk road. Moreover, it can improve risk management focusing on high priority environmental issues in key areas strengthen basic research and technological innovation. This provides risk assessment monitoring, an early warning system, and an emergency. The silk road is now the main region of belt and road initiative implementation. So, Nepal should take benefit from this in order to minimize the environmental risk, for instance, flood and recent ill wind in Terai by generating early alarming system by mutual working with Chinese scientist.

Nepal signed the OBOR in May 2017. As a famous ancient philosopher, Laozi said: “ a journey of a thousand miles starts with the first step”. The moment was an entryway for durable and synoptic advance development of Nepal with economically sound smart cities. Nepal presumes more Chinese investment for the mutual benefit that will generate a stable, prosperous and harmonious bonding with a common destiny. Exclusively, the country should focus to establish economic corridor by means of OBOR project to augment the economy and development of science and technology as scientific innovation is the skeleton for economic amplification.

After the abolishing of Monarchy and establishment of a federal democratic republic in Nepal, Nepalese political leaders have been dispensing the dreams of prosperous new Nepal for peoples. The slogan of affluent new Nepal is popular not only in central government but also in local and state government. So, the robust implementation of Belt and Road project standing within the boundary of foreign norms and policies could be one of the ideal opportunity for Nepalese leaders to achieve the dream of prosperous new Nepal. Also, it’s a huge breakthrough to connect with Asian powerhouse and gain global connectivity. The acclimatization of Nepal with OBOR and its honest application might be the strategic key to transform landlocked Nepal into

land linked. Hopefully, this would be proved as a historical milestone in the future. The compact connectivity between the two countries would be through road, rail, tourism, mutual scientific innovation, production networks, and cultural exchange. In general, understanding, if we compare ten fingers than all have different strength but when all the fingers are assembled together then it will create a single strong fist with identical power. Similarly, Belt and road project will tie up the developing and underdeveloped countries in the same platform like a fist with tough bonding through social, economic and scientific advancement.

It’s a universal truth that China has significant contribution in world's peace process, security, stability, economic growth, and multilateralism to promote democratic international relations. Its enhancement in the synchronization of macroeconomic policies by working together with OBOR countries with the aim to accomplish dynamic, justifiable, balanced and sustainable growth in the global market will benefit Nepal and other OBOR countries.

Following the base of sovereignty and development with modernization set up by great leaders Mao Zedong and Deng Xiaoping, other leaders piled more and more perfect scientific vision for the renovation in the global level. Till to the time of president Xi Jinping, China is rapidly marching towards the world's superpower. With such rapid economic development, mutual and honest friendly international cooperation in a regional and global scale, it generates a deep foundation for China to stand as worlds superpower in the upcoming future. Therefore, the OBOR is an advantage and a great opportunity for Nepal to work together with China that may assist Nepal to march towards prosperous new Nepal. Still, the applied outcome of extensive geostrategic opportunities of OBOR in Nepal yet to be evaluated.

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International student in fragnant hill

Spring school in Chengdu

with Chinese language teacher in UCAS receiving prize

with chinese language teacher in UCAS

with Prof. Zhang Fan (my superviasor) and research team

Written by

Subash Adhikari

CAS-TWAS Ph.D. scholar

Institute of Tibetan Plateau Research, Chinese Academy of Sciences

Beijing, China