UCAS students participate in International Student Research Forum 2019

  • 夏雨
  • Published: 2019-06-25
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The 2019 International Student Research Forum (ISRF) was held at the University of Southern Denmark from 16th to 20th, June. More than 60 PhD candidates and faculties attended the forum. They are coming from University of Chinese Academy of Sciences (UCAS), University of Nebraska Medical Center (UNMC), Griffith University (GU), University of Southern Denmark (SDU), and Simon Fraser University (SFU). Ten UCAS representatives selected from Beijing, Shanghai, Kunming, Guangzhou and Wuhan, attended the forum.

The ISRF, started by UCAS and the University of Tokyo, was firstly held in 2004. It provides doctoral students in the life sciences and medical sciences a platform for exchanging research work and ideas. The forum has been successfully held over the past 14 years, attracting almost a thousand outstanding students and educators. The forum strengthens cooperation and cultural exchanges between the attendees.

        ISRF 2019 was divided into 4 sessions, neuroscience, cancer & clinical research, public health, basic & cellular research. All the students from UCAS gave wonderful English presentation and showed amazing research posters. For example, Mo Ran from Guangzhou, gave a lecture entitled “Molecular Mechanism of An Atypical REC Domain Containg Protein Chepsp Involving In Chemotaxis Signaling”, taking about a novel protein involved in chemotaxis system in a pathogenic bacteria, which played an important role in colonizing to the intestine. Cui Guanshen from Beijing, gave a report about a small modification caused a big change - RNA modification during brain development and had a heated discussion with international students.

During the forum, the organizers arranged $10 challenge program - ISRF edition. The participants competed in cross-institutional groups. The task was to identify important health challenges and to come up with and present ideas to big impact, low cost, innovative, and technically feasible solutions, using existing technology only. After each group elaborated and defense, there was a comparison.

During the conference, participants were also organized to visit The Sports and Mehabilitation Medicine Laboratories of the University of Southern Denmark, and have a deeper understanding of the university and the research directions through the reports of five professors such as Peter Krustrup. At the farewell-dinner, students from five universities exchanged gifts and photographed as a souvenir.



Written by LIU Qi

Photo by WANG Yujing

Edited by GAO Yuan