NABIL BACHAGHA made a Speech at 2020 UCAS Graduation and Degree Awarding Ceremony

  • International Students Office
  • Published: 2020-07-05
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NABIL BACHAGHA was founded by CAS-TWAS President's Fellowship Program to study at UCAS as a doctoral student since September 2015. He conducts his reaserch in the field of digital earth in the Aerospace Information Research Institute, CAS, under the supervision of Prof. Wang Xinyuan. He achieved good research result and will commit himself to the cooperation between China and Tunisia.



I am NABIL BACHAGHA, an International student from TUNISIA. I would like to congratulate all of the students here including myself for finally graduating.

At this exciting and unforgettable time, I and other international students from different countries, should thank UCAS and the Chinese government for their concern for foreign students. Especially during the COVID-19 epidemic, we felt safe and experienced the broad mind and international friendship of the Chinese people. During the epidemic, the rest of the world learn from China how to work together to share experiences and updates, to develop an agile and responsive approach. Countries must learn from China so that the world can develop the widest possible range of measures to fight this virus in different contexts. So, thank you, UCAS. Thank you, China, again.

Every end has a new beginning. Today might be the last day for some of us as students of UCAS, but I believe our learning will actually start from today.

I remember when I left home, 4 years back I wasn't sure what I will get in return. I was excited but at the same time a little scared of the new reality. I am proud to say and honored that I had the perfect supervisor, Professor Wang Xinyuan who is always guiding students in the correct way. With my supervisor, I have achieved good research and results.

Being the first Tunisian graduate from the Aerospace Information Research Institute Chinese Academy of Science, during my PhD period, I always have a good learning, clear style and clear objectives. These days I'm extremely sure and proud to say that I had made the right decision when I came to UCAS.

I am so grateful to China and UCAS, because I met the love of my life here in Beijing. We got married and now we have a beautiful baby girl called ELINE. My small family supports and encourages me all the time.

Lastly, congratulations once again! Let us commit ourselves to the belief that we can accomplish anything

I and other students will never forget China's kindness and friendship, and will strive to become a bridge for international cooperation.


NABIL BACHAGHA and other international students