Chinese physicians shared experience against COVID-19

  • 高塬
  • Published: 2020-03-25
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On March 13, a virtual meeting of more than 200 physicians and public health leaders was held to provide the latest information to hospitals and clinicians in the US preparing for the virus. Three leading Chinese physicians Peng Zhiyong, Cao Bin and Zhang Wenhong shared their experience in fighting against COVID-19 in Wuhan and Shanghai. It was organized by Li Lu, the founder and chairman of Himalaya Capital Management.

Bill Frist, former US Senate Majority Leader attended the meeting and highly praised their firsthand experience. One model had predicted Shanghai would see 800,000 cases, but through their extraordinary early efforts to limit travel, to end large gatherings and immediately implement social distancing and testing, they limited cases to just 300. Zhang Wenhong and his team have cured 95 percent of their COVID-19 patients in his hospital. According to Bill Frist, in times of crisis, it’s critical to learn from those with the most experience.

ZHANG Wenhong (Photo: Chinanews)


Source: People's Daily app