University of Chinese Academy of Sciences holds 2020 graduation and degree awarding ceremony

  • Translation/ YUE Xinyan
  • Published: 2020-07-06
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“No matter where you are right now, this is your own highlight moment, enjoy!”

In the morning of July 2nd, Bai Chunli, the president and the party secretary of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), the chancellor of the University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, gave a speech to all the graduates on the livestreaming UCAS 2020 Graduation Ceremony: “May all of you embark your journey from here to the world and light it up!”

On July 2nd, UCAS 2O2O graduation ceremony was held on the lawn in front of the auditorium of Yuquan Road Campus. Academician Li Shushen, vice president and member of the party committee of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), and president and party secretary of the University of the Chinese Academy of Sciences(UCAS), presided over the graduation ceremony and announced the beginning of the degree awarding ceremony.

A total of 9,415 students graduated from the University of the Chinese Academy of Sciences this year: 4,465 with doctorates, 4,601 with master's degrees and 349 with bachelor's degrees.

because of the COVID-19 epidemic, part of the 2020 graduates will receive their degree after September.

On the lawn, 170 students sat in a 1-meter radius away from each other. “Our graduation ceremony today is very special.” Bai Chunli said, “Most of our graduates are sitting behind the screens, after on-line oral defense, interviews, contracts signing, we are here celebrate our on-line graduation.”

He sent out the invitation on behalf of UCAS to the 2020 graduates who can’t be there, “From this year on, UCAS will save you a seat on every year’s graduation ceremony.”

UCAS is an innovative university, its education is based on the philosophy of "The Fusion of Scientific Research and Teaching", its main body is graduate education, and its undergraduate education is set out to cultivate future leading scientists.

By the end of July 2020, A total of 180592 students graduated from the University of the Chinese Academy of Sciences this year: 88026 with doctorates, 92566 with master's degrees and 947 with bachelor's degrees.

In the commencement speech, Bai Chunli reviewed the miracles happened in the first half of 2020, they are only possible because the people of the whole country, under the strong leadership of the CPC Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping at its core, joined hands and unified to combat against COVID-19.

"Everyone who devoted their love and courage deserves our respect, we salute them." he said. "And to those who lost their lives and loved ones, we would like to mourn the martyrs and give our deep condolences to their family.”

Bai Chunli said he saw a lot of UCAS students devoted themselves to scientific research and helped to tackle the problems, he also noticed that a lot of students joined the battle in their own ways.

He recognized and gave credit to the UCAS students who exhibited their capabilities, courage, growth and sense of responsibility at the moment where our country and its people needed them the most.

According to incomplete statistics, among the academic papers that 4465 PhD recipients of the 2020 class published as first authors, 45 were published in Science, Nature, Cell and other journals, 8130 were included by SCI (Science Citation Index) and 1529 were included by EI (Engineering Citation Index).

The 2020 graduates consist of the doctorate straight after master's degree students enrolled in 2015, undergraduate students enrolled in 2016 and postgraduate and doctoral students enrolled in 2017.

By June 28th, 2020, 324 out of 374 undergraduate students will continue their postgraduate study or doctorate straight after master's degree, which makes the further education rate reach 86.9%.

Li Jiehao, representative of the class of 2020, said in his graduation speech, "four years ago, we gathered here for the same science dream. In these four years, UCAS did everything it can to respect our ambition and interest. But from now on, we will no longer choose a major or subject just out of interest but out of responsibility, which not only originated from the honor entitled by the cause of science, but from our family and the hope our country bestowed on us.”

She said, “No matter where we are, researching or engaging in the society, you can count on us to carry that responsibility with all we can.

As the first Tunisian doctoral graduate of UCAS, NABIL BACHAGHA came here with the CAS-TWAS President Scholarship in 2015. Five years later, NABIL BACHAGHA gained not only his PhD, but also love, family and a lovely daughter.

NABIL BACHAGHA said that during the epidemic, he saw China's tolerance and the contribution in the world's combat against the COVID-19. He will strive to improve the international communication between China and Tunisia.

"The key of science is objectivity." Yan Jinghua, PhD adviser of UCAS and researcher at the Institute of Microbiology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, on behalf of the advisers, said in his speech: "No matter what career you will pursue in the future, you should explore the unknown in nature respectfully, respect facts, and make rational and plausible conclusions. Be the scientific and technological talents that are truthful to yourselves and your people.”

Unlike the usual way, where the representatives of the advisers would hold the tassel for the graduates. This year,Dr.Li Shushen announced, "Now, please hold the tassel for yourself.” Witnessed by the advisers, 170 representatives of students stood up and shared this joyful moment that was different than before.

"I believe that you all will make UCAS proud, and make your country proud, UCAS is always your home. We will be here to welcome you when you come back visit.” Li Shushen gave his best wishes to the graduates at the end of the graduation ceremony.


Translation: YUE Xinyan