Vice Principle of College of Earth and Planetary Sciences won the second "XPLORER PRIZ"

  • 高塬
  • Published: 2020-10-09
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On September 25, the " XPLORER PRIZE" officially announced the second awards list. Prof. WEI Yong, Vice Principle of College of Earth and Planetary Sciences of University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, won the second "XPLORER PRIZ". 50 young scientists won the award this year, each of whom will receive 3,000,000 yuan as scientific research bonuses in the next five years.

The "XPLORER PRIZE" is a non-governmental and public interest award for young scientists and technicians aged 45 and under who are working full-time in the Chinese mainland,Hong Kong or Macao. The prize is initiated by Ma Huateng, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Tencent and founder of the Tencent Foundation, and Professor Rao Yi of Peking University in cooperation with well-known scientists such as Chen Ning Yang, Mao Shude, He Huawu, Wu Hequan, Li Peigen, Chen Shiyi, Zhang Yitang, Shi Yigong, Gao Wen, Xie Kechang, Cheng Taining, Xie Xiaoliang and Pan Jianwei. Initial funding for the award is provided by Tencent Foundation.