The 3rd International Academic Forum on “Art and Science: Crossing Disciplinary Borders” held at Yanqi Lake Campus

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  • Published: 2021-11-04
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On October 30th, the 3rd International Academic Forum on “Art and Science: Crossing Disciplinary Borders” was held in the International Conference Center, Yanqihu Campus, Chinese Academy of Sciences (UCAS). Hosted by the UCAS Arts Center, the theme of the forum is “Create and Expand a New Era of Art and Scientific Aesthetic Education System”. From the perspective of multi-dimensional discussion, the forum promotes the interdisciplinary construction and development in the art and science circle, and shapes the aesthetic education system of art and science. More than 80 experts in art and science sector from different countrries attended the conference both in the way of online and offline, more than 20 scholars gave special academic reports. DONG Junshe, Executive Deputy Party and Vice President of UCAS, YANG Guoqiang, Vice President of UCAS, and HU Zhongbo, Special Assistant to UCAS President attended this forum. SHI ZiDong, Executive Deputy Director of UCAS Art Center, hosted the forum.

DONG Junshe approved of the forum in his opening speech. DONG pointed out that, the integration notion of science and art, proposed by UCAS, can be traced back to the 1980s. The well-known scientists including QIAN Xuesen, YANG Zhenning and LI Zhengdao had various salon discussions with artists such as WU Guanzhong, which proactively pointed out an effective approach for the world-class talent cultivation with the fusion of scientific research and education and the cross-disciplinary cultivation in science and art. DONG indicates that, the successful hosting of the forum built a research and discussion platform for both scientists and artists, which also provide broader communicating channels for schools of different disciplines and specialties. The forum collects experts and scholars both at home and abroad, strengthening and improving the art education teaching force of UCAS. The hosting of the forum owns positive significance for sharing the innovative experience of the art and science aesthetic education system in the new era, and promotes the development of aesthetic education in colleges and universities.

△ DONG junshe gives the opening speech

△ SHI Zidong hosts the forum

The International Academic Forum on “Art and Science: Crossing Disciplinary Borders” started at 2019. Relying on advanced research resources of UCAS and its innovative educational philosophy of the fusion of scientific research and education, gathering influence and intelligence of academic and social fellows, the forum is growing into an influential international academic platform in both art and science sector aiming to analyze current interdisciplinary exchanges tendency and discuss the theoretics and practice of interdisciplinary development of art and science through high-level, diversified and interdisciplinary communication.

SHI Zidong, the initiator of the forum, said that under the current epidemic prevention and control situation, thanks to the strong support of university leaders, the forum could be held successfully. departments and functional departments. The forum received great attention and strong support from experts and scholars at home and abroad, and conducted another round of in-depth discussions smoothly. Art and science once again collided with sparks of wisdom. This is of great significance to the art education of UCAS and the construction of art and science aesthetic education system. SHI said, "Many of the opinions in the forum are very well established and of great literature value. All these materials will become very precious literature for the construction of art discipline in UCAS. After the conference, we will sort out and publish the literature of the international Academic Forum on “Art and Science: Crossing Disciplinary Borders”, so as to share the achievements of our forum more effectively."

△ Zurab Tsereteli makes a report online

△ Michel King makes a report online


△ WANG Lisheng makes a report entitled "Promoting Interdisciplinary, Cultivating Compound New Talents"


△ WANG Cizhao makes a report entitled "Imaginary and Scientific Thingking in Musical Produce"

 △ WU Weishan gives a speech online

△ PAN Gongkai makes a video report


△ YANG Feiyun makes a video report


△ WU Weimin makes a video report

△ GAO Guangtian makes a report entitled "Scientific Analytical Principles of Calligraphy Art"

△ NING Qiang makes a report entitled "NFT: Art and Technology in the Digital Age"

△ ZHENG Xiaohua makes a speech entitled "Exploring Art Like a Scientist"

△ Lubavin Anatoly makes a report online


△ LIU Yuedi makes a report entitled "Life Aesthetics from the Perspective of Universal Education"

△  ZHANG Ran makes a report entitled "Innovation and Exploration of Art Galleries"

△ Frédéric Bernard makes a video report

△ Daniele Defranchis makes a video report

△ WANG Changsui makes a report entitled "The Chinese Knot of Science and Art"

 △ WENG Yuxiang makes a report entitled "Beauty Can Be Described"

△ SHI Zidong makes a report entitled "The Construction and Promotion of the Aesthetic Education System of Art and Science of University of Chinese Academy of Sciences"

△ CUI Tong makes a report entitled " Design Science, Art Design"

△ QU Shengchun makes a report entitled "The Logical Conflict Among Philosophy, Art and Science"

△ WU Baojun makes a report entitled "Practice and Thinking of Science Popularization Education in Media Convergence"


Translator: YI Ji

Phto: YANG Tianpeng

Editor: GAO Yuan