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  • Published: 2021-11-10
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2021 International Carbon Neutrality and Green Investment Conference

With the theme "innovating zero-carbon technology, fostering zero-carbon pilots, and leading green investment", the conference focuses on the dual-carbon goal of"30-60" and centers on innovative technologies that promote the goal of a zero-carbon world. The conference also integrates global zero-carbon solutions, and promotes the development of technology and industry. Through promoting low-carbon, zero-carbon, and negative-carbon green technologies, the event strives to build a green investment service platform. By cultivating zero-carbon pilot projects, it also explores practical and feasible implementation paths to achieving the "dual-carbon "goal, thereby building a domestic and international dual cycle. The new development pattern ensures that the carbon peak and carbon neutral goals will be achieved on schedule. The conference is under the joint guidance of the Department of Climate Change Response of the Ministry of Ecology and Environment, the Department of New Energy and Renewable Energy of the National Energy Administration, and the University of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the China Investment Association and the China Clean Development Mechanism Fund Management Center (PPP Center of the Ministry of Finance).

2021 Global Trade and International Logistics Summit

The Global Trade and International Logistics Summit adheres to the characteristics of being "forward-looking, high-standard and international", and follows the slogan "Global Supply Chain Changes and China's Logistics Opportunities". Chinese solutions enhance the international influence and voice of Chinese logistics companies. They also promote the application of Chinese solutions in the field of global logistics and supply chains. The forum aims to serve the construction of the Belt and Road Initiative from a high starting point, and make full use of the CIIE stage to show the country's soft power in transport and logistics. During the conference, the top 50 list for the 2021 logistics and supply chain solution in China is released at the same time. It provides a platform for Chinese logistics and supply chain companies to go global.

Matchmaking Conference for the Elements Needed for the High-quality Development of the 2021 Yangtze River Delta G60 Science and Innovation Corridor

The conference plays a positive role in speeding up the implementation of China's 14th Five-Year Plan (2021-25) and further amplifies the spillover effect of the CIIE while serving the national strategy and new development pattern. It will promote the construction of the G60 Science and Technology Innovation Corridor. Li Meng, member of the Party leadership group and vice-minister of the Ministry of Science and Technology, and Wu Qing, vice-mayor and member of the Standing Committee of the Shanghai Municipal Party Committee, attend the meeting and give speeches.

Overseas Chinese Connecting Five Continents: 2021 Overseas Chinese and Chinese Market Summit

For a long time, a vast number of overseas Chinese have been a bridge and link to promoting exchanges between China and the world, and an important force for the in-depth development of economic globalization. The "Qiaolian Wuzhou Expo in Shanghai" themed event is organized by the China Federation of Returned Overseas Chinese and undertaken by the Shanghai Federation of Returned Overseas Chinese and the Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of the Shanghai municipal government. The concept of a community with a shared future for mankind contributes more wisdom and strength to the overseas Chinese community. As one of the important on-site supporting activities of the fourth China International Import Expo, the summit is held at the National Convention and Exhibition Center in Shanghai. The forum is broadcast live on platforms including Xinhuanet, China News Service, and China Overseas Chinese Network.

The Third Global Overseas Warehouse and Cross-border Supply Chain Sharing and Matchmaking Conference and China-ASEAN Business Conference

This event covers the entire chain of global overseas warehouses and cross-border supply chain, focusing on the order-based business-matching activities for the improvement and optimization of supply chain efficiency. This event aims to promote the recovery of the global economy and the business development of "better in and better out" in the Chinese market, to help the organic integration of Chinese manufacturing and services. The key nodes of cross-border supply chains such as warehousing and logistics are organically connected to provide one-stop ecological services across the entire chain, covering production and sales docking, supporting services docking, and investment docking in cross-border supply chains. Together, they help to promote the stability and prosperity of global trade.


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