UCAS International Students participate in “Zhi-Xing China, Jiujiang Lushan Discovery: Global Youth Heritage Education Program”

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  • Published: 2024-04-29
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From April 17 to 22, “Zhi-Xing China, Jiujiang Lushan Discovery: Global Youth Heritage Education Program” was held in Jiangxi Province. International students representatives of the University of Chinese Academy of Sciences (hereinafter referred to as “UCAS”) participated in the conference activities. The event was sponsored by China Education Association for International Exchange and hosted by Jiujiang Education Bureau and Lushan World Heritage Management Committee. The Chinese National Commission for UNESCO and the Representative Office of UNESCO in China served as the guidance unit. With the theme of “Safeguarding the Earth Home Together, Sharing the World Heritage”, the event attracted 130 students from 27 countries and both Chinese and foreign students.

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Group photo of the conference

On April 20, the opening ceremony of “Zhi-Xing China, Jiujiang Lushan Discovery: Global Youth Heritage Education Program” was held at Lushan International Convention Center. ZHOU Lidong, Deputy Director of the International Cooperation Department of China Education Association for International Exchange, presided over the opening ceremony. YANG Jun, Vice President and Secretary-General of China Education Association for International Exchange, Shahbaz Khan, Representative of UNESCO Representative Office in China, QIN Changwei, Secretary-General of China National Commission for UNESCO, and JIANG Wending, Mayor of Jiujiang Municipal People’s Government attended the opening ceremony.

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UCAS students and Shahbaz Khan (Representative of UNESCO Representative Office in China)

After the opening ceremony, the Chinese and international students held symposiums, field studies and exchange exhibitions in groups. The international students experienced the red historical and cultural heritage of Mount Lu at places such as the Lushan Museum and Chairman Mao’s former residence. They gained a deep understanding of the unique geological culture of Mount Lu, as well as learned about the value of world natural heritage at scenic spots like Jinxiu Valley, Xianrendong, and Hanpokou. In the Lushan World Geopark Detection and Early Warning Exhibition Center, they also learn how advanced technological means such as big data and cloud computing help protect the world heritage and realize the sustainable development of heritage inheritance.

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UCAS students and teachers

In the workshop on the Heritage theme exchange dialogue, our student representative Prarthana Baruah gave a keynote speech on how media can be used to empower heritage conservation. In the subsequent group discussion, the UCAS students and the team members from New Zealand and Vietnam warmly shared and exchanged their thoughts on heritage protection from the perspectives of digital twin, media and community, and explored various ways of heritage protection. Finally, Jharana Nepal, student representative of UCAS participants, made a final speech.


UCAS student gave a speech

Besides, our international students explored the Jiujiang city area of the Yangtze River National Cultural Park with their love and curiosity for Chinese culture. Along the bank of the Yangtze River, they visited the historical sites such as Xunyang Tower and Pipa Pavilion to feel the profound cultural heritage of Jiujiang. They went to the Hailu Tea Expo Garden and Jiujiang Vocational University at the foot of Lushan Mountain to experience Chinese tea culture and traditional tie-dye and cloisin production, and jointly felt the rich cultural implications of “poetic Jiujiang”. Jiujiang Lianghe Underground Water Purification Plant and Jiujiang City Territorial Space Planning Museum, let students personally feel the efforts and achievements made by Jiujiang to protect the natural environment and inherit the cultural heritage.


UCAS students were reported by Jiujiang Education TV

Prarthana Baruah, an international student from our school who attended the event, said, “Being a part of the Global Youth Heritage Education Program and getting the privilege to visit Jiujiang and Lushan has broadened my knowledge on the need of preserving our World Heritage for a better future. It has also been once in lifetime opportunity to experience firsthand the rich and diverse Chinese heritage and culture. I will forever be grateful to have represented our university, UCAS with my fellow participants in an international platform. I hope more people are inspired to preserve the World Heritage Sites and join hands in the sustainable development of these sites, because these are not only the relics of past but are also repositories of knowledge and wisdom.”