University of Chinese Academy of Sciences (UCAS) celebrated her 40th anniversary on October 14, 2018, and recieved a special birthday gift - the International Astronomical Union (IAU) announced that Minor Planet 189018 will officially be known as Guokeda,the Chinese abbriviation for the university's name.
UCAS is an innovative university with the philosophy of "a fusion of scientific research and teaching". Founded in 1978, UCAS is the first graduate education institution in the P. R. China, whose predecessor was the Graduate University of Chinese Academy of Sciences (GUCAS). The university boasts many firsts in P. R. China: UCAS has granted the country's first Ph.D.s in science and in engineering, the first female Ph.D., and the first research student awarded double doctoral degrees. In the past 40 years, 108 students of UCAS have been elected to be members of the Chinese Academy of Sciences or Chinese Academy of Engineering. We are looking forward to her more brilliant future!

40th Anniversary Celebration of University of Chinese Academy of Sciences
By REN Hui

Group photo of the earliest 18 Ph.D.s of P. R. China in 1983

Yanqihu Campus, UCAS
By LIU Hanhong

Sino-Danish Center for Education and Research (SDC)
By YANG Tianpeng

UCAS International Cultural Festival is held on the day of the 40th anniversary of UCAS
By ZHU Xingin

Students are taking photos with an alumnus
By ZHI Hui

Minor Planet 189018 is officially named as "Guokeda", which is published on Minor Planet Circulars,  September 25, 2018