The 39th Beijing Youth Science Creation Competition ended successfully at the Yanqihu campus of the University of Chinese Academy of Sciences on March 26, 2019. The four day’s competition attracted 300,000 youths and received 2,012 entries for preliminary review. 3 delegations from Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Macaw, as well as international delegations from 17 countries including the United States, Australia, Czech Republic, Turkey, Denmark, Israel, Malaysia, Russia, South Africa, Ukraine, South Korea, Italy, Thailand, Indonesia, Brazil, France, and Japan, participated in the competition.

Australian team

Danish team

Russian team

Korea team

Czech team

Malaysia team

United States team

Thailand team

Turkey team

Ukraine team

Israel team

Italian team

Indonesian team

Macao regional team

Beijing team

Taiwan regional team

Hong Kong regional team


Photo by HUANG Jian

Edited by GAO Yuan