2016 International Summit on AR, VR and MR at UCAS

  • Published: 2016-12-22
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Background Information:

The International Summit on VR, AR and MR will feature experts from top universities, companies and investment communities around the world who are advancing technologies for virtual, augmented and mixed realities.

There are some people  who will use stereo imaging and depth cameras to capture and build virtual realities. They will discuss the challenges in the design of VR headsets and sensor-based human interfaces to recreate perceptual experiences. And they will also disscuss how to use these new technologies in innovative ways to create immersive experiences.  

There will be an interactive demo session that will showcase advances and emerging technologies for virtual, augmented and mixed realities.  

Edited by: Yang Yu

Source: The Stanford Center for Image Systems Engineering (https://scien.stanford.edu/index.php/international-summit-on-vr-ar-and-mr/)

Further Information:

Venue: https://scien.stanford.edu/index.php/international-summit-on-vr-ar-and-mr-venue/

Speakers: https://scien.stanford.edu/index.php/international-summit-on-vr-ar-and-mr-featured-speakers/

Participants: https://scien.stanford.edu/index.php/international-summit-on-ar-vr-and-mr-participating-companies-and-academic-institutions/

Photos: https://scien.stanford.edu/index.php/international-summit-on-ar-vr-and-mr-photos/