UCAS International Student Contribute to UNEP's International Resource Panel (IRP) Study

  • 高塬
  • Published: 2021-07-27
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Recently, Dr. Peter Thomson, Special Envoy of the UN Secretary-General for the Oceans, officially launched the UNEP IRP study "Governing Coastal Resources: Implications for a Sustainable Blue Economy". for a Sustainable Blue Economy). Yvette Baninla, a Cameroonian alumna of International College of UCAS, contributed to the report.

Baninla, Y. is a 2016 alumna of IC-UCAS. During her intensive study period at IC-UCAS, she actively participated in various activities organized by the university and the school while completing her research and study assignments, and participated in the China-Africa Education and Technology Forum co-hosted by UCAS and Shanghai Jiao Tong University as a moderator. Since her return to Cameroon , she has devoted herself to the research on the impacts of mining activities on coastal resources and is currently serving as lecturer in the university of Bamenda in Cameroon; Department of geology, mining and environmental science and a specially appointed assistant professor in the University of Hiroshima.



Translator: TAN Yudong

Editor: GAO Yuan