Three UCAS Scholars Given “Contribution Awards for Returned Overseas Chinese”

  • Published: 2016-09-07
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Three UCAS scholars, Prof. Zhou Qi, Prof. Wu Desheng and Prof. Yi Weidong were given the “Contribution Award for Returned Overseas Chinese” on Sep. 1st in Beijing.

Prof. Zhou Qi, member of CAS, has served as the President of the International Stem Cell Forum (ISCF) since 2014. Prof. Zhou's work concentrates on the mechanisms of cell reprogramming, cell fate control, as well as obtaining and maintenance of stem cell pluripotency. In addition, Prof. Zhou has established both animal and cell models for studying human diseases. He is also dedicated to promoting the application of stem cells for clinical use.  Prof. Zhou has been awarded many prizes and honors, including the Second Class Award of 2014 National Natural Science Award of China, and the Prize for Scientific and Technological Progress from the Ho Leung Ho Lee Foundation.

Professor Wu Desheng is currently Associate Dean of the School of Economics and Management.  He is mainly engaged in research in the area of risk management and decision sciences. He has published over 100 papers in journals such as  Risk Analysis, Decision Sciences, Production and Operations Management and IEEE Transactions on Knowledge and Data Engineering. He has also published seven books with Springer and other publishers. A number of his papers have been given "the most influential papers" ( Big Impact Articles, Top Hottest Articles) by The Journal of the Operational Research Society, European Journal of Operational Research and other prestigious journals.

Weidong Yi received the B.S., M.S. and Ph.D. degrees from Peking University, Brown Univerisity and University of Berkeley respectlly. Professor Yi is awarded Contribution Award for Returned Overseas Chinese for his outstanding research and development on a ASIC for the ultr-low power consumption capacitor style soil moisture sensor based on dielectric spectroscopy analysis.The sensor is considered to be better performances in its key features over other capacitor-style soil moisture sensor in the field, which is a significatly device in the technologies for smart agricultrue.

 “Contribution Award for Returned Overseas Chinese” was founded by All-China Federation of Returned Overseas Chinese in 2003. The award aims to stimulate activity and creativity of Chinese who have returned from overseas to boost China’s high-tech industry and attract more talented Chinese living overseas to return to China and make contributions.